Oegstgeest is a lovely place to get married. Besides a monumental Town Hall, we have indeed the smallest wedding room in the Netherlands. Originally this was the tearoom of the Rhijngeest clinic, but it was renovated and made suitable for hosting small ceremonies. We strongly recommend it! Contact us as soon as possible to register your wedding date on time and make sure your documents at the betrothal/declaration are in good order.

Registration of marriage or unmarried partnership

The preparation procedures of a marriage and an unmarried partnership is the same. In the municipality of Oegstgeest there are different venues for marriage/ unmarried partnership.

Make an appointment

Notice of intent to marry or enter into a partnership

You can make your notice of intent to marry or enter into an unmarried partnership known to the municipality where you want to get married. You do not need to go to your own municipality.

Reservation wedding date

For the reservation of a wedding date and the notice of intent to marry in the municipality of Oegstgeest. You fill in your details in the contact form, we will check your personal details, after which the department of Publiekszaken will contact you and let you know what documents might be needed. For instance: birth certificate/declaration of unmarried status.


To marry or enter into an unmarried partnership, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 witnesses are needed. All the witnesses need to be 18 years or older. The municipality can provide witnesses, charges are applicable to this.

Civil registrar

If you would like to get married or enter into an unmarried partnership, you can choose which civil registrar will carry out the ceremony. He or she will then contact you. You will tell then let him or her know what your personal wishes are.

Would you like to know who the civil registrars are?  

Unmarried partnership

An unmarried partnership (geregistreerd partnerschap), the same as a marriage, makes your relationship official by law. It is meant for people who doesn’t want to get married, but want to make their relationship formal Not all countries recognize unmarried partnerships. Under Dutch law it is not possible to be married and be unmarried partners at the same time.

Apply for a name change

In some countries it is possible to change the name after marriage. Check with your own authority. 

Choosing wedding venues

The wedding hall in our municipality is a beautiful hall in our monumental building (max 80 people).You can also get married ‘in the smallest wedding hall in the Netherlands’ (max 10 people) or outside. We then place the chairs in the garden of the municipality (max 100 people). Party Centre La France or Oud Poelgeest castle are beautiful wedding venues in Oegstgeest. Also your own chosen wedding venue can be designated for the marriage. A written request can be made no later than 6 weeks before the wedding date.

Please also contact us for the following:

  • request a form for one-time wedding venue
  • declaration from the owner of the one-time wedding venue 
  • house rules wedding hall municipality