This page provides an overview of information available in English on the Dutch Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet).

Through the Environment and Planning Act the government wants to combine and simplify the regulations for spatial projects. The aim is to make it easier to start up these spatial projects (for example for the construction and expansion of houses, and use of former business parks for housing). The Environment and Planning Act also arranges the Permit for spatial projects (Omgevingsvergunning).

If you would like to speak to a municipality worker about requesting a Permit please contact us.

Building permit

The development plan is one of the testing frameworks for an application for a permission. In this is specified exactly what purpose (e.g. housing or industry) a certain area has. There is one development plan for Oegstgeest. New buildings should fit into the existing development plan; e.g. no store can be built at a place that is meant for single family houses. Sometimes it happens that an exemption is granted for an applicable zoning through a special procedure.

For information about applying for a building permit or if you want to look at the environmental plan (omgevingsplan) please go to the ‘Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet (DSO)’. If you can't find your way, contact us.

DSO is a nationwide portal that provides a one-stop-shop for all permits relating to activities that affect the physical environment in the Netherlands.

Besides a building permit, you may also have to deal with other permissions when you are (re-)building your house. For example, it is possible that you may not need a construction permission, but you do need an environmental permit, exit way permit, demolition permit or cutting permit.  Please contact the team Ruimtelijke ordening (department of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment) for questions about this topic.


When you object to a construction, renovation or demolition plan you can communicate this to the municipality. How to do this depends on the type of procedure that is used when the permit for this plan is requested. Please contact us and ask for the Bouw- en Woningtoezicht team (Construction and Living Control) for questions about this topic.