The municipal shelter for Ukrainian refugees in Oegstgeest will open its doors early July. This letter is to inform you how the shelter will be organised and how you can formally apply for a living space (shared room).  You may have already indicated by telephone that you want to apply for a space in this municipal shelter. If so, we kindly ask you to formally apply now.  How to formally apply can be read further down below the heading Application. We are sending this letter because we have not been able to reach all refugees or hosts by phone. Through this letter we want to make sure all refugees from Ukraine registered in Oegstgeest are able to apply for our municipal shelter.


The municipal shelter is located at Rhijngeesterstraatweg 13c, 2nd floor.

  • This location offers accommodation for 64 refugees from Ukraine. The other floors are allocated to refugees from other countries who have received asylum status in the Netherlands and are awaiting permanent housing in the region.
  • The rooms allocated to you will accommodate 4 persons on 20 m2. Each room has 2 bunk beds and everyone will have their own closet to store clothes and other belongings. There will also be a small refridgerator.
  • If rooms have to be shared between strangers, women will be located with women, and men will be located with men.
  • The shelter has 8 separate showers, 7 toilets and 1 kitchen.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • The shelter has security personnel on site 24 hours a day.


In order to apply for a place in the municipal shelter, you have to:

  • Currently be registered in the Oegstgeest municipality
  • Move to the shelter location in the month of July

Only after spaces have been appointed to people that meet these requirements, will we look at relocating refugees currently living in another municipality, or those who want to move at a later time.

We do this to prevent living spaces in the shelter to stay empty whilst there are other people in need of a living space like this. 


Monday June 20th you are welcome to view the location and living spaces in the shelter. We gather in front of Oegstgeest town hall after which we will walk over to the local shelter. You are very welcome to join at 15:00 hours or 16:00 hours or 17:00 hours.

Financial allowance (leefgeld)

All non-working adults (18+) and non-working minors (18-) living in the municipal shelter receive a financial allowance of 260 Euros per person per month.

This amount is lower than when you live with a host family, because a contribution (voluntary) to the host family is not taken into account anymore.


In order to apply for a space (shared room) in the municipal shelter from July onwards, fill out the form through the green button, no later than June 24th.


After your application, you will be notified no later than June 30th whether or not your application is approved. In this notification, you will receive further details about your relocation to the municipal shelter.

At this moment, we expect to be able to accommodate every Ukrainian refugee registered in Oegstgeest who would like to relocate, in the municipal shelter. However, if this is not the case, we will inform you as soon as possible.