Dog owners

Dog owners can use various facilities in Oegstgeest. To prevent nuisance to others as much as possible, there are also rules about walking your dog.


Oegstgeest provides special areas where people can walk their dogs without a leash. At these areas there are free dog toilets and everyone can get collection bags for free to pick up dog droppings. These closed bags should be deposited in the regular trash bins.

Oegstgeest wants to work together with dog owners to decrease the nuisance of dogs as much as possible. Dog droppings are one of the biggest annoyances for people. Dog droppings on the street, on lawns, in the playground and on different places create dirty shoes and clothing and can even endanger health. Also, many people are afraid of stray dogs. For this reason, rules on dogs have been included in the Local ordinance (APV). In summary, these rules are:

You can get the special collection bags (for free) at these locations:

Forbidden for dogs

It is not allowed to bring your dog to several places in Oegstgeest, such as playgrounds. This applies in particular to:

Monitoring and enforcement

The municipal investigators (GOA's) monitor compliance with the rules. They speak to dog owners about their behavior. A fine is possible, but this is an extreme measure. Sometimes the GOA's distribute gloves and dog droppings collection bags.

Free walking areas and dogtoilets

Please check the map of Oegstgeest with free walking areas and dog's toilets. On a fenced plot, the animals can peacefully defecate. On these sites there is a dog's toilet. At all other places in Oegstgeest, the dog should be kept on a leash.



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